Ramen Noodle Freak. Cheesehead. Opera Singer.

I'm a Midwestern girl at heart living on the East Coast, which means I find balance between saying "ya know" and accepting the silly looks.  I've traveled the world, singing and photographing in Europe and Asia, but can always find equal happiness wearing slippers, sipping a glass of wine, snuggling with our pup, Charlie, and watching "I Love You, Man!" 

I have buckets of energy and usually say some super awkward things when taking photographs to get that natural, realistic and candid look.  This means that sometimes, things get messy, because that's life and I've got you covered!

Originally from a small town in Wisconsin, I love the outdoors - hiking, camping, boating, a good game of bags, dodgeball or chasing my niece around the yard.


I've been freelancing as a Food Photographer + Social Media Manager and for years in Milwaukee for Stand Eat Drink Hospitality while continuing to shoot headshots, family portraits, weddings and product for local businesses.

Balancing the lifestyle of my opera career + photographing sounds a bit wacky, BUT it makes sense for me.  I would be lost without pursuing both of these wild passions and it provides opposing artistic outlets to keep creating.  I love collaborating with other businesses, local vendors and specifically with you, because these are the tangible memories that allow you to relive the emotions again and again. 

Above all, I'm a sucker for a good love story, spectacular views, food that makes you speechless, real life heart-eyes emojis and puns, all of them.  I know how hard it can be looking for the right photographer, so I am honored you've made it here.  I am on this crazy ride with you, and because I love what I do, I can do so much better when you tell me about yourself and your dreams and best moments, etc!

We've recently relocated to Jersey City/NYC where I shoot for local food companies, and provide photo + video for a variety of different projects, while most of our wedding clients reside in the Milwaukee area.  We are up for any and all adventures, so hit us up!

xo Kaleigh Rae

EMAIL ME: kaleighraephotography@gmail.com

CALL: 407.607.5133